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Last updated: 2007, June 23

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All you need to know about batteries from how a battery works to which battery is best for a purpose
BatteryHistory/ 14 pages
Discover the work of Daniell, Sturgeon, Jungner, Gassner, Ruben, Edison and Urry
Alessandro Volta - Creator of the first Battery
John Daniell creator of a new kind of battery
Georges Leclanche
Waldmar Jungner - Inventor of the Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery
Samuel Ruben - The Mercury Cell and the Beginings of the Duracell Company
Battery Development Today
Luigi Galvani and the Twitching Frog's Leg
William Sturgeon - Made the Voltaic Pile Practical and a Lot More
Gaston Plante and The Lead Acid battery
Carl Gassner - Creator of the first Dry Cell Battery
Thomas Edison - Looking for ways to make Batteries for a Successful Electric Car.
Lew Urry and the Alkaline Battery
The Gassner Patent
BatteryTypes/ 16 pages
Learn About the Different Types of Battery Available Today and What Makes Each One Special
AAA Batteries
AA Batteries
Battery labels
Camcorder batteries
Camera batteries
Digital Camera batteries
Hearing Aid batteries
Lithium-ion Batteries (Li-ion)
Nickel-Cadmium Batteries
Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries
Rechargeable batteries
Watch batteries
Zinc-Air Batteries
Li-ion Battery Safety
Li-ion Protection Circuit
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Simple electrical experiments performed at home
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