Battery Facts

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries

• Very good power to weight ratio
• Found in high end laptop computers and cellular phones
• Now taking market share away from NiMH
• Outputs 3v per cell therefore NOT directly interchangeable with normal 1.5v batteries. (sold a a unit that replaces 2, 1.5v batteries)
• Made from layered sheets of aluminum foil coated with cobalt oxide, which acts as the cathode with the anode made from a thin copper sheet coated with carbon materials.
• The thin film cathode and anode are separated by a sheet of plastic, rolled up together in a spiral and immersed in a liquid electrolyte medium of Lithium.
• These batteries produce the same energy as NiMH batteries but are 40% smaller, half the weight, and are better for the environment because they don't contain toxic materials such as cadmium or mercury.
• Currently more expensive than a comparable NiMH battery.
• There are safety issues when charging - Ensure Li-ion batteries are only charged using a battery charger specifically built for the purpose.