Battery Facts

AAA Batteries

The AAA battery (also called R03 or "triple-A"), is the smaller sister (or brother if you prefer your batteries to be male) of the AA battery. It is gaining in popularity quickly, and is already the second most common battery sold in the UK.

All AAA batteries share the same cylindrical shape with a height of 1.752" (44.5mm) and a diameter of 0.413" (10.5mm). Most AAA batteries use alkaline technology, with a voltage of 1.5V. The AAA battery is however also available as a rechargeable battery. The NiMH AAA rechargeable battery is rated at 1.2V, but performs as well as the alkaline version in modern high-drain applications, such as digital cameras.

The increased use of and demand for the AAA battery is the result of battery powered devices becoming smaller and more efficient, while battery technology has advanced such that a current AAA battery packs as much punch as only an AA battery could deliver a few years ago. The smaller size and reduced weight are also important considerations for the designers of the newest generation of portable CD players and other gadgets. For some devices the battery compartment and the batteries are the largest and heaviest component of the entire device!

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